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refresh interval for status of patches? patch deployment log files? troubleshooting?

One of my servers shows 4 patches missing. When I deploy them I get an email shortly afterward saying the patch failed. I then log into the server to see if I can manually patch those via windows update and it says the patch has already been applied. I'm wondering, how often does teamviewer check in with the remote management module to get status on patches? Is there a way to force the refresh? Is there somewhere we can view the log files of the patch deployment to get a hint as to what else might be the issue?



  • JDSupport
    JDSupport Posts: 1

    Bump! This is killing us too when we are trying to catch computers up. The refresh is extremely slow like 24hours. Please, Please add a manual refresh!

  • Theridion
    Theridion Posts: 1

    Has there been any change - we need a manual update!