Connection from abroad

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Hello all.

I have a question about a friend who connected to my PC from Ireland to finish business adventures with me. While he was on, I showed him my account on a Casino to which I have grossed over 20K, They have come back and said they won't pay me because they see I have used a VPN from Ireland? How is this? I don't use my VPN when connecting to this website as it does not allow you to; it immediately says, you cannot login due to a VPN in use. I do have a VPN running on my VM's which are running at all times for security purposes, but not on my main machine where I play at this casino and have had my business partner login to work on our business.

Is it really possible for them to see he was Teamviewed in from Ireland and I logged into the casino to show him my winnings; or are they bluffing? They have not wanted to pay me my money for quite sometime now, as I keep winning. Card counting is not illegal and they know this, Just trying to make it difficult for me to receive my funds.

Any help would be so much appreciated.

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