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Possibility of IP being revealed through Teamviewer

phuongvu14_ Posts: 1 Newbie

Hello everyone,

Recently, our company accessed a laptop from an outsourced organization who ran Facebook ads for us (we wanted to confirm the amount of our money they spent). In the middle of the viewing section, we were logged out, and they told us that their Teamviewer ran into a problem. They sent us the ID and password again, but we couldn't access their laptop the second time. Then, they sent us a picture saying that their Facebook is locked through checkpoint 952. And they told us that because we teamviewed them from a suspicious IP, Facebook detected this suspicious IP and locked their account. Is it possible that Facebook can detect our IP when we're just remotely control their computer?

Thank you so much for your help! I'm looking forward to your response!

All the best,

P. Vu



  • JeanK
    JeanK Posts: 4,718 Senior Moderator

    Hello @phuongvu14_,

    Technically, it is possible to locate any device via an IP address when it is connected to the internet.

    However, how Facebook is detecting IPs is something we cannot answer.

    The best way would be to contact Facebook support directly.

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