Fix handling of spaces in Reset Management Form

Black_Platypus Posts: 7 ✭✭

When I tried filling out the RM form, I noticed the following in Step 1:

  • The TeamViewer IDs should not have any spaces when filling out the form (The field is highlighted in red and the message of 8 to 12(?) digits is shown when I paste my 10-digit ID like "x xxx xxx xxx", as presented in TeamViewer's "Remote Control" tab)
    • The Your ID field in TeamViewer's Remote Control tab includes spaces
    • This means copy/pasting from TV directly fails
  • The ID field in the form may not be editable after pasting an ID like this (I had to edit the input element's value DOM property in my browser's dev tools to get it working)

It looks like the form's script behavior should be fixed to either allow or ignore spaces, to be filtered out after submission (or before, I guess)

Suggestion: something like ^(\s?\d\s?){8,12}$

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