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Payment made on 13/05/2021 through my credit card visa account is blocked who to reach and how????

annasrinica Posts: 1
edited June 8 in General Questions

***Information removed as per Community Guideline*** Payment collected through credit card visa standard chartered bank on 13/05/2021. I do not see any where to reach the customer care and clear the matter immediately; unfortunately i am trying work remotely and struck; The customer care number is useless and there is no where to go ???


  • Ying_Q
    Ying_Q Posts: 1,080 Moderator

    Hi @annasrinica,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    As the case is getting more complicate, kindly check your inbox for further communication please.

    We thank you for your understanding.



    Community Moderator/中文社区管理员
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