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remote computer is black screen for desktop connection but not mobile when monitor off

Chuck62 Posts: 2 ✭✭

I work at night and during the day I am a daytime caregiver for my friend's bed bound wife. So I use the free version of teamviewer 15.18.5 64-bit (current 64-bit version on both but same thing happened before going to the 64-bit version) to do stuff on my computer from his house or the other way around.

Before he got an ASUS MX27AQ 27 inch monitor connected with displayport 1.2, it never mattered if the remote computer's monitor was on or off. With this new monitor, I connect and see the remote desktop just fine if the monitor is on. If it is off though, I can connect but get a black screen. I can go into transfer files and transfer files, but I assume that is because it's not trying to use the desktop. Also, rebooting his computer doesn't help. I still connect fine to my computer with the monitor off, but it's an older monitor.

If I try connecting on my cell phone though, the mobile version works just fine. LOTS of scrolling and resizing though to get things done. hehe

Both computers are up to date Windows 10 Pro 64-bit and running the current version of the 64-bit teamviewer, but this has been going on for several versions of the 32-bit and 64-bit teamviewer. I've searched the forums, but the suggestions I found so far (make sure a monitor is plugged into the remote computer, reboot remote computer, open minimized UDP session, and use server ID if it's a paid version on a server) didn't work. I even put teamviewer on a laptop and used it while sitting in front of his computer. When the monitor is turned off, black desktop screen. Disconnect, turn monitor on, and reconnect and it shows the desktop fine. Disconnect, turn monitor off, and connect and the desktop is black again unless I want to connect using my mobile phone.

Any option that I could try so I could see his desktop even if the monitor is off without using the mobile app? Or even use the mobile app to go in, change a setting, and then connect with the PC version?

Fortunately, I normally just go from his computer to mine so it's not an issue. Which is why I haven't asked before. He's on vacation for a few weeks now, so I'm not up there as much and have to log into his computer more often. Do I just need to make sure he doesn't turn off the monitor, or is there another option?


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