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15.18.5 MacOS unusable due to Teamviewer MultiOutputDevice

Cut4th Posts: 1 Newbie

Audio is what my client does for a business. The recent addition of Teamviewer MultiOutputDevice has made Teamviewer not only unusable but 100% disrupts the client workflow and has fully HALTED all work in many cases causing significant loss of product. There are NO controls within TeamViewer MacOS to control or adjust (or simply disable) this newly added MultiOutputDevice feature. I understand that this could be a very useful feature for many users however this feature forces a new virtual audio device to be created and forces ALL remote system audio to be sent to this source (with NO configuration options)

I have been rolling back this client to 14.7.48671 as quickly as possible (last available version as previous v15 are simply not available). note: rolling back is difficult remotely!! Unless there is a quick solution I will have to find another remote access platform (and the client might demand this regardless).


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