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Deploy other MSI packages

tomcoleman Posts: 1 Newbie
edited July 19 in General Questions

im trying to figure out how i can deploy MSI packages using teamviewer scripting

for example i have a agent that needs to be on all PC's, i have an MSI for this

what code/script do i need to use todo this?


  • OSH_Chuck
    OSH_Chuck Posts: 1 Newbie

    I cannot tell you how many references to people wanting to deploy software using TeamViewer, but Teamviewer documentation and support always refers to deploying TeamViewer's MSI.

    How about some real support with thisw feature? Does anyone at TeamViewer know how to use the product to deploy OTHER sotware once Teamviewer is already installed and working across the enterprise?

    Meaningful response would be appreciated, not a link on how to install Teamviewer, anyone reaching thisw site should already know that