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I need all of the IP ranges teamviewer uses. from the remote app to the web login.

  • more specifically all NON US based IPs / IP ranges.

And please do not tell me to just whitelist * and use port 5938 . that does not work in my firewall. I need the specific IP ranges to login in to web as well as the teamviewer support apps.

Why cant this just be published somewhere for us all to find.?


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    Hello @mperu99,

    We cannot provide any list of IP addresses that TeamViewer uses.

    TeamViewer IPs are not on the same subnet, and they can change at any time so there is no set list.

    Please find more information regarding this here:

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    That is a false statement, There was a IP list once on TEAMVIEWER site, I since have lost that link. And that is unacceptable answer from teamviewer. Firewalls are meant to keep people out or in, unless specifically configured otherwise, with GEO block enabled, (which includes GERMANY and many many others) many TEAMVIEWER IPs are blocked, from my research there are 111 ranges. according to (just do not know what those ranges are, once I do, I will post them) If you are not going to provide IPs then you need to provide FQDN, in order to whitelist in the firewall for each IP, SONICWALL does not use wildcards very well, it only grabs so many * IPs if your SOA, A and AAAA records are correct and will only buffer a certain amount. this is why you cannot rely on just using wildcard FQDN. and most firewalls, including SONICWALL will tell you to use IPs before FQDN due to the overhead of resolving those FQDN to IP. and any failed FQDN resolution, hinders performance due to the firewall trying to resolve that name over and over. This causes logging to fill and control planes of the firewall will top out to 100%. The answer given above is in no way a proper answer, you simply cannot expect anyone to just open their firewall completely, just so teamviewer will work. That WILL not happen.

    For those of you who are looking for somewhat of an answer to this.

    here is a list that i use so far , which tends to grow monthly at least:


    [removed by a moderator as per Community Guidelines]     

    TEAMVIEWER FQDN              *              FQDN       (generally only gets about 2 IPs)

    TEAMVIEWER FQDN US          *                  FQDN      (generally only gets about 1 IPs)

    [removed by a moderator as per Community Guidelines]           FQDN (generaly 1 IP) - used for backup incase the above 40.114 changes FQDN (3 IPs - Country DE.)

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    i agree with this statement, the IP address i have found is[removed per Community Guidelines],. Their support documents states that in order for TeamViewer to work, i need to open ports 5938, 80 and 443 from any IP address in the world and turn off GEO IP. This is awful, its like they are behind the ransomware attacks

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    Anyone notice they removed per "Community Guidelines" in regards to teamviewers very own IPs? again there is nothing in the community guidelines that says we cannot post IPs , specifically IPs of TEAMVIEWER itself.

    Its like dealing with a child,

    do yourselves a favor and stop using teamviewer, I did.

    I am no longer using teamviewer, After reading more complaints about its payment practices, the pure and obvious retraction of our comments above, for helpful IPs [removed per Community Guidelines]

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    So basically instead of this whole IP list - is there a way to restrict TV to only use one region or server specifically? Whitelisting just a small set of IPs may work better than attempting to do *