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I am Emma and I want to suggest something better for team viewer.

Sometimes it happens that we need to share some confidential documents on the team viewer. I must say that there must me a feature like Instagram when we send a document or an image it must be temporary and nobody should be able to save that.

It will keep out document in confidentiality and thus the job will be done without hurting the privacy.

If there is already any feature in the team viewer than plzz mention.



  • AlenaC
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    Hi @Emma01

    thanks for posting and welcome to our community.

    Many thanks also for your idea. Would you mind sharing it in our ideas hub? Other users will be able to upvote your idea (you can also vote other ideas) and it has also the benefit that our developers check this section regularly.

    Thanks in advance

    Best, Alena

    Spanish Community Moderator :)