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Teamviewer goes "offline" when locking pc.



  • Hi everyone.

    Had the same question and after digging into power management options in Win10 came to a tricky workaround.

    I run a small business in IT Customer Support field and being able to remotely connect to my tablet is crucial for me because I don’t want to take it with me wherever I go 24 hours a day.

    I believe it should work for any Win10 tablet or laptop as well.

    Well the trick is to disable sleeping mode entirely (setting it to NEVER while on both battery and ac plugged) and setting the screen to turn off after something you find appropriate for you (5 minutes in my case).

    Under these settings when you leave your tablet alone it will turn off the screen after 5 minutes thus keeping the battery alive but it will not actually go to a sleep mode or modern standby mode. TeamViewer stays online in this case.

    Don’t forget to set it to never disconnect from the network in power management settings.

    This scenario works only if you leave the tab untouched for 5 minutes and then it turns off the screen automatically. If you switch to lock screen (win+L) it will go to modern standby mode and teamviewer will go offline.

    Hope it will help somebody.

    Works fine for me.

  • So interesting that I'm reading this thread from a year ago, but am just experiencing it on a Windows 10 pro desktop computer. I have teamviewer 14 loaded on both machines. If the machine goes to screen saver, then teamviewer shuts down and i cannot re-engage. I would think a solution to this would have been found by version 14!

  • I had to move back to **Third Party Product** because of this issue. If it ever gets fully resolved I’ll upgrade and come back. But you can’t charge the premium price of TeamViewer and not fix this.
  • **Third Party Product** is the third party product. When your support forum is sophisticated enough to **bleep** out references to competitors, but your main product goes offline due to Windows 10 screensaver power saver defaults ..... Come on, it's not like I said Lord Voldemort out loud.

  • dwang
    dwang Posts: 1

    I can't go to a third party unfortually.

    Because my employer uses it.

    I'am a paying customer and I agree, to say that Teamviewer must fix this problem.