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My system crashed and I had to reinstall TeamViewer but it won't activate

I purchased a remote access license in April. My system recently crashed and I had to reinstall everything. When I go to the email with the Activate link and I try to sign in it says the license is already assigned to another account with the same email. So how do I fix this? I can't find a license key to install so the system shows that I'm using a free license when I have a paid license.


  • urgent_mteq
    urgent_mteq Posts: 1

    I had to reformat my Main PC which has one of the 3 x TeamViewer 12 licences activated on it. Now it won't let me re-activate? This is the identical setup, it has never done this before. Now I can't connect to anyone until I free up this licence so it can go back on the Machine it was on Yesterday. I have the Three Licences on my PC, My Laptop and somewhere else, but I don't know which PC has that other Licence on it. Perhaps a loan Laptop while mine was in for repairs recently. How do I resolve this Quickly?

    I Have my my Two factor authentication numbers and my licence that updated my version 11 to 12