True MFA upon device connection

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Teamviewer has device MFA, which I haven't been able to get working. As soon as i activate it, all other policies seem to be ignored. The client gets a request to accept the connection where my account normally had access to all company devices.

Moreover i'm not receiving the MFA code in the Teamviewer app.

Why has Teamviewer chosen to generate this code in the Teamviewer app, and not use Microsoft or Google authenticator (like every other vendor does)? Security wise this seems like a better scenario also. If my Teamviewer account gets compromised the MFA code isn't.

My ideal scenario is this. Me or my colleague connect to a users device. (so min. 2 devices need to be able to register for MFA). An MFA code is requested. I lookup this code in Microsoft Authenticator, input the code, and the session is established.

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