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Teamviewer not auto starting

CoreIT Posts: 1

I have a user with an odd error. Teamviewer is set to auto start to allow her to remotely access her PC in the office. This works as expected for a few days then without warning Teamviewer closes down and has to be manually opened and logged back in.

I have re-installed the software both sided, upped her permissions on the PC and made sure she has the latest version. There are 10 plus staff set up in a similar fashion none of which report or experience the same issue. Any suggestions or ideas very much appreciated.


  • LRH_1962
    LRH_1962 Posts: 1 Newbie

    I am having the same problem as described above. I have a free TeamViewer account for personal use but TV is not starting up automatically anymore. I need this to be activated on my desktop so that I can access it when I'm away from home or in my bedroom. The auto start has worked for many years just fine up until about 3 weeks ago. Please let me know if you have a fix for this problem. Thanks!