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Strange Display Artefacts Showing on 'Remote' Display on Local Mac in TeamViewer


I am testing TeamViewer for a project, viewing a remote Mac screen on a local Mac, using TeamViewer 15.19.4. Let's call them 'local' Mac (the one I'm looking at), 'remote' Mac (the far away one).

We are seeing two issues:

  1. In some cases, the colours on the 'local' Mac do not correctly display the colours shown on the 'remote' Mac. It's strange because the colours seem to display correctly, then when the display settles they 'jump' to an incorrect colour. For example in the video app Camo the blue pull down option tags sometimes display as orange on the local computer.
  2. There are strange 'splurgy' artefacts sometimes appearing on the window title bars on the local computer that are not actually present on the remote computer.

The remote computer is an M1 Mac Mini running MacOS11.4. The local computer has been various Intel Macs running different versions of the MacOS. The 'splodgy' artefacts are visible in MacOS 10.14.6.

Neither issue occurs when using Apple's screen sharing/VNC software to connect to the remote Mac.

Screengrab attached showing the 'splurgy' artefacts, visible in the top bar of the Applications window in the TeamViwer window (left), but not visible in the Apple VNC window (right).

Any thoughts?