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TeamViewer QuickSupport "Activating Remove control feature" stuck

phazei Posts: 1

I'm on a Samsung Galaxy S10e with Android 11, One UI 3.1

I installed the app and went past the intro screens. Now there's a popup in the middle with a spinner that says "Activating Remote control feature..."

It just stays on that screen forever. I tried ending the app and reloading, restarting the phone, and clearing the data, but it just stays stuck on that.

Behind the popup greyed out I can see the "Your ID:" with an ID number. And a green dot that says "Ready to connect (secure connection)". If I attempt to connect to that number it says "Incoming connection" then "Awaiting authentication", but the "Activating Remote control feature..." is still there so it never pops up asking if I want to allow it.


  • FQuadrana
    FQuadrana Posts: 1 Newbie

    I have the same problem, but it seems that no one has a solution...

  • Sen314
    Sen314 Posts: 1 Newbie

    It is resolved for me.

    I have the same problem on Samsung Galaxy A10 (Android 11).

    1. phone connected to ISP/4G : overlay indicating an activation problem - while an ID is visible under it.
    2. kill/close app and switch to WiFi, reopen app: no overlay issue, but no ID
    3. kill/close app and switch to ISP/4G, reopen app: app ask for screen overlay permission called "Appear on top"
    4. it is now working on ISP/4G
    5. kill/close app and switch to WiFi, reopen app. it is now working on WiFi

    So, the app needs a "Special Access" called "Appear on top".