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v14 Quick Support not compatible with v15.20.3

jayeomans Posts: 2 ✭✭


We have been TeamViewer commercial customers for several years (since v9 at least, I believe) and have been happily using the customised Quick Support app for a good period of time. We build commercial PC products which include that QS app so we can access them (when our customer needs support) without the need for them to download or set up anything. We also lock our hard drives so that no updates can occur.

The most recent (2 years ish) batch of PCs use a Windows 10 IoT LTSC image that includes a version of the QS app which I believe to be 14.7.13736 QSC, but we have found that since upgrading to the version 15.20.3 of the desktop app, we can no longer connect to those QS sessions and we have a message asking us to update the remote computer - something which is impossible from either end due to the machines being locked (to prevent such a thing occurring!)

Using 15.19.5 allows connections just fine, so it does seem to be the update to 15.20.3 that has stopped this working. As you can imagine, this is seriously inconvenient and we're now scrabbling to get hold of 15.19.5 (not from the official TeamViewer site, I might add) so we can work. This block seems so arbitrary, and in the middle of a product (v15) cycle.

Can someone from TeamViewer please explain to me the thinking here and why I can't find 15.19.5 on your own website? Ideally I'd like it fixed so I don't have to roll back desktop apps - we're now stuck at 15.19.3 for the foreseeable future as our machines are built to last 10 years and we won't change the image for at least 2 more years.



  • jayeomans
    jayeomans Posts: 2 ✭✭

    "Can someone from TeamViewer please explain to me the thinking here and why I can't find 15.19.5 on your own website?"

    Should I take that as a 'no'? Is this the wrong place to ask for help or an explanation?

    Seems like a lot of posts of here are critical of TeamViewer Support and processes (difficult to log tickets etc) - you're happy to take my (not inconsiderable amount of) money so I don't think it's unreasonable for me to ask for a timely response.

  • AlenaC
    AlenaC Posts: 641 Moderator
    edited July 30

    Hi @jayeomans

    many thanks for your posts, details and questions. Welcome to our community

    The issue you are describing should not happen. I asked internally and my colleagues were not able to reproduce it, therefore I kindly ask you to open a ticket, so that our developers can assist you and provide you the version you are looking for and, if necessary, ask for your log files.

    Many thanks in advance

    Best, Alena

    Spanish Community Moderator

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