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Are you someone experimenting with your TeamViewer to get the most out of it or did you come to a point, where you only utilize the features you know?

If the latter is the case, I am happy to showcase to you some of the TeamViewer features I re-discovered recently after I realized that there are many features I am missing out on.

Hopefully, you´ll find some of them useful for you, too.

1️⃣ Custom Black Screen

Do you always have the luxury to work peacefully on your own? Without having someone watch every move you make and ask questions over and over? Or worse: "Stealing" the mouse and with this, increase your blood pressure dramatically?

If you are like most of us and don´t have this luxury - this one is for you: TeamViewer has a feature that will help you. We call it the custom TeamViewer Black Screen.

Custom, because it allows you to upload a picture that will cover the screen of the remote computer when you are connected to it. And black, because the original and default cover image was just a plain black screen.

However - with this one activated: No one can watch what you are doing on the remote screen but they still know that you are connected. Luxury Level 100!

If you want to test it out for your connections, you can become creative now and design an image that says something in the lines of "Computer In Use, Please Wait" and add it to the custom Black Screen feature.

Just to give you an idea of how such an image could look like, I created one with a screenshot tool within 60 seconds (see below). You may want to have something more beautiful or add contact details of your company to it, but you get my point: When seeing this, it is clear to everyone that maintenance is going on.

That´s it - your blood pressure may thank you for activating this feature. Learn more about it here:

2️⃣ Custom Device Information

Preparation is key. Independently from what you´re up to - whether you are applying for a new job or you need to connect to a computer via TeamViewer: It is better to be prepared and know what´s awaiting you.

How can you prepare within TeamViewer?

👉 You can get familiar with the computer you are connecting to via the Custom Device Information feature.

This nice little feature is available for you both in the Management Console as well as in the Computers & Contacts list.

Here you can define "attributes" and add relevant information about the remote device, the customer, the company, or whatever is important for you in your preparation.

I created an example of attributes that may or may not be interesting for your use case.

In any case: You can define the attributes yourself.

If Main Browser is irrelevant - do not use it and put something else into it like timezone, the customers preferred payment method or even their favorite dish. You name it.

What makes the feature especially smooth is that once you hit the computer in your Computers & Contacts list, you´ll see the Custom device information right away.

You can access and review the device attributes

1) via the Management Console directly by clicking on your profile in the upper right corner --> Administer [your companyname] --> Custom Device Information

2) via the Computers & Contacts list by clicking on the button Manage device attributes

3) or via this link.

More information about this feature is available for you in our Knowledge Hub article:

One remark: You can´t delete the attributes at this stage. Only editing and changing the names afterward. Keep that in mind 😉

3️⃣ Access the MCO smoothly via the Connections tab

Smart linking is one of my favorites in the TeamViewer application.

Besides accessing the Community via Help --> TeamViewer Community (*cough*), you can also jump directly into the three most relevant MCO pages via the Connection tab:

1) User Management for managing your company profile and users as well as managing your companies´ trusted devices.

2) Design & Deploy for customizing your TeamViewer modules and working with your policies.

3) Service Queue for direct access to all your service cases and connection reports.

And the best thing about this feature: If you are currently logged in to your Computers & Contacts list, you will be logged in to the MCO automatically.

Increase your Luxury Level at Work

Yes - by utilizing the existing features to their full potential I am convinced that you´re increasing your Luxury Level at Work.

At least this is what I experienced 😉

Have a great day everyone and Happy Connecting!

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