bulk remote update for managed clients

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I have more than 400 remote PCs. There should be an easy and fail proof way to bulk update remote machines directly from the management console if assigned to that management account. And there should be an easy way to search for remote machines with old version of teamviewer to be updated. Right now I need to connect to every remote machine and check teamviewer version manually. The remote update feature never works in my case: sometimes lack of remote admin rights (why don't use the underline service to self update?) sometimes due to old OS version (mainly XP: I know the answer, but sometimes it's not possible for customer to change OS due to licensing costs of all the software running on the machine). When teamviewer is updated using admin rights on running non-admin account, it is started without admin rights, so you cannot assign to account and grant easy access. You need to terminate Teamviewer (ad you will lose connection) and restart it with admin rights: I always need a tool from anoter vendor to enstablish another connection and update teamviewer!

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