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Hi Guys,

Please consider the following improvements to your product for macOS:

  1. When opening more than one TeamViewer session, new sessions will automatically attach/dock to an already open session and change its size and position. Please allow us to prefer all new sessions to open in separate windows and dock them only when we want/need to.
  2. Have TeamViewer remember settings for each device, I connect to, regarding things such as screen resolution/quality size and position/set up on my screens. i.e. If hey have dual displays, my preference, these days is to have both displays show at max resolution and at the same time. I am running dual 42" 4K displays locally, so would prefer this behaviour.



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    For some bizarre reason, this post doesn't appear on your forum when I search for "mac" but it does when I search for "macos".

    Someone @TeamViewer forum team needs to look at what's going on with your forum search engine...

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    It would appear that we are automagically signed out of the Management Console after about 15 minutes of inactivity and given the following message, in the browser: "You have been signed out automatically."

    Is there any way we can change this timeout setting? I have looked and found no obvious way of doing this.

    If not, then please treat this as a feature request.

  • Yes. Remembering the settings for each contact could be helpful, especially if reconnecting frequently.