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Any workarounds to connect old tablet (with Host for Sumsung ver.11.0.4766) ?

tvpqwyh Posts: 1 Newbie

I have an old Samsung Galaxy tablet (with Host for Sumsung ver.11.0.4766, a specific version of Teamviewer Host in 2016) that I cannot access physically (so that no chance to update to the latest version of Teamviewer Host) meanwhile the tablet shows online status in my Teamviewer account. While connecting from a Windows 7 desktop, always get the error sth like: remote device version is out-of-date.

Downloaded from then installed Teamviewer12, then 11 on the windows 7 desktop, got the same error. Finally tried Teamviewer10, the same "out-of-date" error !?

Any workarounds/solutions/suggestions? Thank you!