Using Team Viewer for College Students

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I am a college student at the University of Tulsa, and over the summer started working with TeamViewer. When I was using team viewer over the summer I was mainly using it to program for a computer science gaming course here at my university on my MacBook while I was traveling due to the prerequisites for a gpu and cpu that my MacBook just did not have. A lot of majors across a large amount of universities require certain specifications for computer performance based on what you are doing. Universities also have computer labs that already have these computers "spec-ed" out for their students. If you are a university I would highly recommend, as a student myself, that you get TeamViewer it allows for ease of access to computers and a safe way to login to them. I would not have been able to complete most of my class work over the summer if it were not for TeamViewer. If you are a student and you already have a laptop and a desktop computer I highly recommend getting TeamViewer to access your desktop from anywhere. It completely replaces things like Google Drive and Flash Drives and saves you money in the process. Overall, I would like to say thank you to TeamViewer for making my life a whole lot easier!

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