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(activating remote control future)

Paulvvuuren Posts: 2 ✭✭
edited September 2021 in Mobile

Good day 

I hope you are well 

Is there someone that can assist me with a problem that I have.

I am staying in South Africa and I bought my mum a new cell phone - (Samsung A02) but she's staying 900 km away from me so I want to a assist her when she has a problem on the phone with TeamViewer.

I installed TeamViewer host on my mother's phone ,and after I installed it , a notification pops up with a circle keeps on turning that says (activating remote control future) and that stays on the screen and doesn't go any further.

I did attached a picture of the screenshot I took of the problem I have.

 is there someone that can please assist me with this matter.

 I will highly appreciate it ,and I going to use TeamViewer strictly to assist my mother when she only have a problem on her device.

And how can I get directly in contact with TeamViewer support by email?

I do hope to hear from you soon

Can you contact me directly on my email address: [removed per Community Guidelines]



  • marcoas
    marcoas Posts: 6 ✭✭

    Me too , from Argentina

    4 devices Samsung A02 with Android 10

    Help please

  • ITPro
    ITPro Posts: 2 ✭✭

    Hello Guys

    I wanna buy Samsung Galaxy A02 Duos 32 GB. But it is so important that this mobile can support and have a proper plugin for Teamviewer Quick support so I can control and access my Mobile phone via other devices like my desktop computer and be able to see my mobile screen remotely and remotely able to control it.

    I saw 2 posts about this mobile and I did not see any response or answer about it!

    Does the Samsung A02 model completely supported by the Quicksupport plugin for remote control this mobile!?

    Anyone who actually tested this app on Samsung A02, please report it.

    Thanks so much