Teamviewer keeps stopping local Media Player


If I am using my Windows 10 Windows Media Player app to listen to music or anything it will work fine whilst I do not have Teamviewer running. As soon as I start Teamviewer, it will randomly stop when I perform an action in the teamviewer session. I could be typing into an editor, clicking the mouse. There does not seem to be a consistent keystroke or mouse click that causes this.

It simply stops the local media player as if I have clicked the stop playing button. I can click the local media player and restart but it will then randomly stop again, sometimes alomst imeediately, sometimes after 30 seconds and if I am lucky it might take 2 minutes before it happens.

I know it is teamviewer, becuse if I do not run it, nothing occurs. As soon as I start teamviewer it will happen again. I don;t know if I have a teamviewer setting doing this but I have done the following

  1. Disabled sound for teamviewer in Windows.
  2. Disabled sound in Teamviewer for the remote session
  3. Disabled sound on the remote computer

I am using teamviewer 15.21.6 under a corporate licence.



  • gromit26
    gromit26 Posts: 1

    Had a similar problem using vlc Media Player, when playing recorded TeamViewer sessions. vlcMediaPlayer has a setting "Pause on audio communication" in the Playlist settings. That needs to be unchecked, then TeamViewer does not stop the player anymore.

    Hope it helps, solving your problem.