As a Company Administrator, How do I disable 2FA on User

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Administrator of the company, Using Management Console (or API)

User has enabled 2FA, lost all access and recovery code.

How do I, as a company admin, disable or reset 2FA on the account?

As a company administrator I should also have the right to enforce 2FA, this missing feature of TeamViewer is scary since they don't seem to care about security.


  • Chr
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    It seams that TeamViewer has a quite different view on security from most of the world. Let's hope that we get that to converge in the future, but until then, it is better to look for alternatives.

  • JeanK
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    Hello @Chr,

    Security is one of our top priorities. Please find more information regarding Security at TeamViewer here:

    To answer your question - the company admin cannot reset TFA for its users (for security reasons).

    You need to contact our customer support so they can do it for you. Here is our best practice for this case:

    Request a TFA-reset

    1) Create a support ticket with your company admin account: Open a ticket

    2) In the ticket, attach your latest TeamViewer invoice (required security check when it comes to TFA reset) and add the impacted user in CC

    Our customer support will then process the TFA reset and your user will be able to get started again.

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  • Chr
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    A few points:

    • A Admin can not enforce 2FA for a organization - which is common sense that it should be possible
    • It is not possible to register a domain, and have all e-mail addresses under that domain being controlled by the organization.
    • Of course 2FA should be controllable by any organization Admin

    Again TeamViewers view on "security" is a joke to most in the industry. Please educate yourself in security and current best practices, Microsoft still have a lot to do in their Azure AD - but at least they are trying to keep up, which is not something that can be said about TeamViewer.