TeamViewer is one of the winners of the European Customer Centricity Award 🥳

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Hi there,

Keeping up on being on the racetrack this year, we have exciting news today for us as a company and - of course - for you as a customer and user of TeamViewer.

TeamViewer was honored for outstanding customer centricity at the ECCA European Customer Centricity Awards 2021. 🏆

TeamViewer impressed in the categories Best User Experience and Employee Experience and thus achieved the best rating of all participating companies in these categories.

We are really proud to be around with the other finalists included, for example, Nespresso, Samsung, Deutsche Telekom, O2, HSBC or Prodware.

Winning this award wouldn't have been possible with the support of every single customer and user of TeamViewer out there and all our colleagues here at TeamViewer. Therefore, a huge THANK YOU goes to everyone of you!

I want to invite you to read some words from our CEO Oliver Steil, who is also really happy about winning the award:

"We are very proud to have won the ECCA European Customer Centricity Award in two categories. This award goes to every single colleague at TeamViewer. Everyone works hard every day to provide the best possible service and solutions to our customers. This is not limited to departments with direct customer contact, but is practiced throughout the entire organization."

If you want to read more information about it, check out the official release here:

Thank you again and see you soon!


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