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TeamViewer Change Logs - What´s New!

[Windows] v15.22.3

Justin Posts: 552 Moderator
edited October 4 in Change Logs TeamViewer

Operating system: Windows

Version: 15.22.3

Release date: 2021-09-28


New features

  • The TeamViewer icon in the Windows task bar now blinks as soon as a chat message is received within a session.


  • Removed the placeholder for the shared screen that was shown to the organizer when starting a meeting.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the chat that sometimes occurred on a host client resulting in chat messages not being shown until the client is opened manually.
  • Fixed a bug when in certain scenarios the local side in a file transfer had duplicate entries for files and folders.
  • Fixed a bug in the sign up wizard that sometimes showed a blank error message after signing in.
  • Fixed a bug in the file transfer from Windows to iOS which prevented copying the folder structure along with the files themselves.
  • Fixed a bug on the meeting preview page where the default camera device was not preselected in the respective drop-down list.
  • Fixed bug which caused crashes when screen sharing is set to auto start
  • Fixed a bug in install new versions automatically, which could result in displaying the What's New page.

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  • DanielEklund
    DanielEklund Posts: 3 ✭✭

    Can't get this version (msi) to grant easy access upon install/update. We've used the "ASSIGNMENTOPTIONS=--reassign" for a long time but this time it doesn't grant easy access after update.

    If I uninstall this version and install with the same "ASSIGNMENTOPTIONS=--reassign" it does grant easy access.

    What gives?