Keyboard focus no longer on Partner ID field

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In the past 3 weeks or so (mid-September maybe), an update to TeamViewer (Windows) changed the keyboard focus when launching TV. It used to be on the Partner ID field, which was good to start typing right away. Now the keyboard focus is on the radio button to select Remote control or File transfer. Having the keyboard focus on a radio button is not exactly what I would call useful, and it requires a mouse click (or the press of Shift-Tab) to bring it back where it belongs.

Why did the keyboard focus change away from the Partner ID? Please bring it back to where it was and should be.

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  • oyvind_gjoco

    Agreed 100 %.

    I'm using VNC until they fix this.

    To remote control a VNC client:

    1. CTRL - ALT - V (my Windows hotkey to start VNC Viewer)
    2. Type PC name
    3. Press ENTER

    To remote control a Teamviewer client:

    1. CTRL - ALT - T (my Windows hotkey to start TeamViewer)
    2. Press TAB like 10-15 times until Computers and Contacts are highlightet
    3. Press ENTER
    4. Press TAB exactly 5 times till the "Search" field gets focus
    5. Type PC name
    6. Press ENTER

    The user I was going to help must have forgotten why he called me before I'm on his computer.

    All vi need is for TeamViewer to give focus to the Search field (or Partner ID field) when activated. 😊