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How local connection works

I've never use local connection how this work ?
When I can find some description about requirements, restrictions, configuration, use this functionality.


mLipok , AutoIt MVP



    I just googled it...

    It looks like this will work without an internet connection.  I haven't tried it yet though!

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  • mLipok
    mLipok Posts: 778 Star

    How this is restricted (license) ? 
    Should this work without InternetConnection ?

    Case studies:
    I have premium license.
    I login to server and make VPN TUNEL
    Now I want to login to one of client station , but this station do not have InternetConnection so I want to conect to this client local computer VIA local==VPN connection estabilished with Server.

    Is it possible ?

    mLipok , AutoIt MVP
  • I would like to only allow local network connections on the endpoints, but then allow my VPN connected laptop in the local network then connect to them using the teamviewer client.

    When I enabled it on the endpoint in my first attempt today, the endpoint is then listed as offline and is then not accessible.  I wasn't able to re-add them with just their ip address instead of their teamviewer id, but think I need to do that somehow.  I saw the ip address replace the teamviewer id when I enabled it.   

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