Sunsetting of the Reporting feature in TeamViewer Meeting

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With the new German Telecommunications Modernization Act taking effect on December 1, 2021, TeamViewer is deactivating the Reporting feature in TeamViewer Meeting to maintain compliance.  

In this announcement, we want to provide all affected customers with helpful guidance and information around this measure.

Who does this update affect?

All Meeting license holders that are using the Reporting feature within the TeamViewer Meeting Online Console are affected by the deactivation of this feature.

The licenses are namely: TeamViewer Meeting 50, TeamViewer Meeting 100, TeamViewer Meeting Company as well as the former licenses Crew and Core.

📌Note: The Reporting feature within the TeamViewer Core Product is not affected by this. Only the dedicated reporting for the stand-alone TeamViewer Meeting product.

How does the deactivation of the Reporting feature affect me? 

When the Reporting feature is deactivated, your TeamViewer Meeting report data will be deleted in accordance with the provisions of the applicable law. 

Starting on December 1, 2021, we will be unable to grant access to the related data or reproduce the data for further use. Furthermore, the Reporting tabs will be removed from the software as well as the Online Console.

To save your TeamViewer Meeting report data, you must export existing reports with the “Export to CSV” function before November 30, 2021.  

How to export the reports: 

1.) Go to the Online Console of TeamViewer Meeting -> Reporting:

2.) Select the time frame of the reports you want to export via the date selectors 

3.) In the third dropdown, select Show all to get all data from all members of your license. Alternatively, you can select single people from the dropdown menu

4.) Navigate to the COLUMNS Button in the upper right corner to define, which data you want to have presented in the table

5.) Select the desired data by ticking the boxes. Alternatively, you can tick Select all to select all available columns

6.) Navigate to the EXPORT TO CSV Button in the upper right corner to download your data as a .csv file.

7.) Save the .csv file


Questions or concerns?  

In case of any questions or concerns, please reach out to the TeamViewer Service Team by using our Customer Support Portal to submit a support ticket. 

📌Note: If you do not submit a ticket until November 17th, 2021, we’ll accept that as your agreement with this change. 

More information

The updated TeamViewer Meeting product description can be found here for more information: 

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