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A while back, the Community Team put their heads together and designed a couple of Custom Black Screen for our customers to download.

If you have not seen those by now, I am happily inviting you to visit this article to see, download, and use our designs (for free, of course): Download Custom Black Screen

Why at all?

We designed and uploaded our ideas to the Knowledge Hub because we thought that a cool and professional-looking Black Screen is something our customers appreciate, plus we know that not everyone has the time to create such themselves.

We hope you like and enjoy them 🤩

And now?

Now, a couple of weeks later, we came up with another idea 💡 Why not ask our customers and users to share their ideas for designs and make using a Black Screen not only more widely known but also more fun or more beautiful?

We thought we could ask you to design something you think would be a fantastic Black Screen for you and others.

And further, those design ideas can be uploaded here to our community, and we vote on them, and the one with the most votes (=likes) will be added and promoted to and on our Knowledge Hub article.

What do you think?

Excellent idea, right?

Some rules

Ok - before we get started: Here are some rules I´d like you to keep in mind:

  • Use a high resolution so that the Black Screen will look good on screens. We suggest a minimum of (W)1350 x (H)650 px. 
  • Do not add your name or a company name to the Black Screen. It must work for all our customers.
  • Do not use content that would classify as inappropriate, like SPAM, pornographic, or racist content. We will delete any of those immediately without any warning.
  • Do not add telephone numbers or any other personal information to the image.
  • The image uploaded might get a small TeamViewer branding like the ones we have online right now.

That´s it, I guess. It should be fun and positive ✨, so I don´t want to put any super harsh rules here.

Are you ready?

Ok - let´s go! Be creative and upload your Black Screen design ideas as a comment to this Blog post.

Vote on those you find the best with a like and let´s get the best one into our official Knowledge Hub!

Thank you all and have a good time designing!


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  • Adriansvk
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  • Adriansvk
    Adriansvk Posts: 2 Staff member 🤠

    French, German, Italian, Spanish...Thanks everyone for help with translation 🙂

  • Esther
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    Wow - awesome start @MisterSefer and @Adriansvk ! Thanks for your ideas!!!

    We are now even more curious to see how many more creative and talented designers we find among us 🤩

    Keep the ideas coming and feel free to post!!

    (Don´t worry about translations - Posting in English is enough, but thanks for going the extra mile Adriansvk 👍🏼)

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  • Esther
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    Awesome @mariska_ott 🤩 You just proved to be a creative designer. Thanks for sharing!! Like the other ones above, I am sure, a lot of people will use it now going forward.

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  • .Carol.fg.
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    I absolutely love the ocean, and the blue color of TeamViewer always reminds me of water 💦🌊

    So, I did this silly one: 😊

    I hope you enjoy it! 🍀



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  • mariska_ott
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    updated as the little bonhommes were not showing their position yet :-D - I hope that you like.

  • Esther
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    Hello and Happy Friday 🎉

    A huge thanks to all who submitted their ideas and liked the uploads!

    I am sure a lot of people will download and use your ideas going forward!

    The image with the most likes is from @mariska_ott - I uploaded (incl. her updated version) to the article as promised and with this, we are increasing the number of people seeing and using it even more going forward!

    Thanks again and a great weekend to all of you!


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    good to share

  • Lopoza
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    wow its great