Is there a way to control a Chrome OS from my PC?

I recently bought a Chrome OS mini computer (gift for my elderly mother), installed TeamViewer for Chrome OS on it and installed the Windows version on my PC. I want to control the Chrome OS remotely from my PC, but every time I make the connection I am only able to view the Chrome OS screen and not able to actually click any of the functions on the Chrome OS desktop. When I connect reverse to control the PC from the Chrome OS it works fine, but I need it to work the other way around. Is this possible using TeamViewer? Any help is appreciated, thank you.


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    Hi JoeDee,

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    Unfortunately, full remote control of Chrome OS is not possible at the moment.

    Therefore, only screen sharing is available as you mentioned.

    Regarding supported operating systems, feel free to check our knowledge article from here.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

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