November 2021 Release - Now available! ✅

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Hi there,

We proudly announce the November release which is now available for download. ⬇

With the latest update we are releasing several user interface improvements for Windows– mainly in the navigationstatus bar and for remote control.

If you want to get the brand-new update and enjoy the new UI for Windows, you can download this by clicking on Help --> Check for new version or by clicking the small arrow in the top bar and perform the update.

Alternatively, you can download the latest TeamViewer version directly from our website.

We prepared a 👉 short survey 👈 to gather your feedback on the new Windows UI and would be really happy if you could take the 3 minutes to participate.

👉 You can access the survey here: 👇

Thank you for your participation and see you soon!

Natascha and the whole TeamViewer UX/UI Team 🙋

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  • sinesang
    sinesang Posts: 10 ✭✭

    Hello , it seem that the auto update does not work on msi installation anymore?

    it will just show the download / new version tab, and if you click on it , it will as you to install with admin didnt update

  • vtools_elb
    vtools_elb Posts: 1

    I got this yesterday. This concerns me.

  • websafe
    websafe Posts: 15 ✭✭

    You completely destroyed the Computers & Contacts -> Connection reports . It's so bad, I even don't know where to start.

    1) where is "Select all" in "Computers & Contacts" -> "Connection reports"? I have to select 300+ connections and mark them as Billed...

    2) why is the date range no longer on the printed Connection report ("Computers & Contacts" -> "Connection reports" -> Export -> Print)?

    3) why is the new printed connection report so ugly compared to the old one?

    4) Every time I'm on "Computers & Contacts" -> "Connection reports" I have to select the required columns again because my previous selection is not stored.

    5) Why is the Fee Sum (I guess it's that) on the printed report even if it's 0.00 and the Fee column is hidden?