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Teamviewer Universal Addon Accessibility toggle turns itself off after a short while.

domic Posts: 1
edited November 2021 in Mobile

I have a senior family member that has Teamviewer Host with The Universal Addon installed, (where you need to enable it's respective Accessibility service setting to be able to interact with the device. (aka remote control) The device is a Wiko W-V720-OPE (or Y80) smartphone, (officially supported by Teamviewer) Android version 11.

Why does the accessibility 'toggle' keep turning off after I have disconnected and reestablish a connection?

It's strange because it's never happened before to any other Android devices I've had to work on. And the user doesn't turn the setting off themselves either (confirmed with the user).

As it is right now, I can't remote control the device and it's in a different country with the senior family member. The user can't navigate the Android settings menus by herself having to enable the teamviewer universal add-on accessibility service every time I need to help her with something.

So what can we do about this, Teamviewer Team?

Let me know if you need me to provide the Teamviewer ID or serial number of the device or need me to do something else.


  • durrer90
    durrer90 Posts: 1 Newbie

    We're having exaclty the same problem. Does someone know if there is a fix?