When host was last online; Email notification when host is back online

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Hi All,

I'm testing TeamViewer for remote connection to a PC powered by Photovoltaic Array and Batteries.

This is a Photo Voltaic array site that tends to go offline in the winter when snow covers the panels. I've been trying to connect over the last few weeks, but can't just rely on the desktop notification to notify me when the system is back online to connect to it. I do have some extra monitoring via PRTG that sends me an email when the system is alive, but due to a slow ISP connection, it might take another 15- 20 minutes for TeamViewer to show me the host is online and ready to connect.

Few questions:

1. How can I check when the host was last online - so I know if this was 10 min ago or 10hrs ago?

2. Can I get an email notification when the host is ready to connect?

3. Can I at least get a loud Audio notification when the host is ready to connect (like I get from **Third Party Product** )