Is it bad to leave a laptop screen on with the same image for long periods of time

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I need to leave my laptop on for around 8 hours so I can control it with TeamViewer when needed. It would not be in any kind of sleep mode, like if I sat there moving the mouse around every 3 seconds to keep it on. I do not have to worry about keeping it on though, because a TeamViewer connection prevents it from going to sleep.

If I left my computer on for that long without the picture on the monitor changing would it cause any damage?



  • ukhano91
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    Turn the brightness down and it should be fine. Even set the screen to turn off (but not suspend).

  • iMAliRaza12
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    If you're using a remote connection to interact with the computer why do you think the image won't change? Anyway no, not a problem, but this seems to be a misunderstanding of what Teamviewer does.