Intune Deployment of TeamViewer Host - fails if already installed

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We have recently upgraded license from Premium to Corporate to take advantage of the mass deployment options. We are an Intune shop in the most part so following the Intune deployment guide here: TeamViewer User Guide for Intune - TeamViewer Support. All works well if the host isn't already installed.

The problem is that for devices that have had the software installed manually (this was our only option up till now) the installation fails in Intune with "Fatal error during installation (0x80070643)".

I have had to create a new custom module in order to set up the deployment as for the existing one (manually installed on existing devices) the option to 'allow account assignment' was unticked and greyed out so I was not able to obtain the API token value for the account assignment.

I suspect this is the root of the issue in that Intune is not able to see that a version is already installed as the MSI values will be different therefor its not detecting the existing one.

Is there a switch or something to uninstall all previous TV versions prior to installing the latest one?

Is there any way around this without manually uninstalling TeamViewer on each device. I want to get to a stage where I can target an app deployment to a bunch of devices and see that the required host is deployed successfully (in Intune) and registered correctly (in TeamViewer console).


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    One way to go would to use WIN32-app insted. It's alot more tricky to get it working. But you have more controll and you can uninstalla the other version before the new one. As you can run CMD-files och powershell script.

    Some useful links:

    Prepare a Win32 app to be uploaded to Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Docs

    How to install Team Viewer using Microsoft Endpoint Manager Win32 app deployment. – Cloudelly ♥

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    I am using the Win32 route already and packaging as a .intunewin file as per your link.

    I have set up the old version in Intune and set it to uninstall for some test machines. I have also set up the old version as a supersedence of the new version which should cause the old version to be uninstalled prior to installation of the new version.

    I think the crux of the issue is that the same installation GUID is used for old and new versions and the version number in the MSI is the same. The uninstall command shown in Intune is exactly the same for both the old and new. This is causing Intune to get confused as I am essentially asking it to install and uninstall the same version.

    The only way I can think to do this is:

    1) target an uninstall for the old version to all machines

    2) wait for it to be fully uninstalled on all machines

    3) Remove the old version from Intune

    4) Add the new version and target an install

    Problem there is that between steps 1 and 4 we would have a number of machines with no version of TeamViewer installed.