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About the problem of remote connection in Android 11 version

김경훈 Posts: 1 Newbie
edited January 14 in Mobile

I am using Android version 11.

Do you want to start recording or transmitting from your mobile phone to connect to TeamViewer remotely? message appears, indicating that the connection cannot be automatically established.

I don't see this message, is there a way to connect right away?

please answer about my question.


  • TJW
    TJW Posts: 2

    I am also experiencing this on a rooted device with Android 11, and the latest version of TeamViewer Host (Side loaded)

    I cannot get full remote control, but even in "View Only" mode we get a popup about recording that an in-person user must accept before it will make the connection.

    Please advise because this makes TeamViewer Host a redundant product.