Black screen when connected


I am trying to connect to remote user from windows XP machine and after connection is established all i see is black screen. And window doesn't redraw when using TW toolbar.

The funny thing is that i can connect to the same host from another computer (Windows 10 home) and it works.

Tried updating to latest version and it's not better.

Update: Conecting to any machine has same issue. Reinstalling TW does not help

Update 2. Manegd to find on internet TW 12 build 77242 and works normaly. It is realy shame that the main site doesn't allow to download older minor versons.


  • tonan
    tonan Posts: 2

    I've had this problem intermittently with v12... And now after updating to v13 it happens all the time.  Most times if I launch a second session (concurrent with the first session with black screen) on my xp client to my win7 host, it will successfully return the host screen to the client as expected.  With both sessions running concurrently the first session that was originally black screen then updates properly showing the host screen.  I then close the original session that started black screen, retaining the second that loaded properly, and things seem to work normally.

  • PaulB
    PaulB Posts: 7

    I have this issue too with XP Pro SP3 to Windows 10.

    Please can you fix this ASAP?


  • samsquared
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    I have this same problem when connecting from a Windows 10 client to a Win 7 laptop host after rebooting the host.  I noticed that if I leave the host laptop's lid open so that the screen comes on and reboot, I get the expected login screen instead of the black screen.  Perhaps there's a setting on the host that needs to be changed?  I have it set to "do nothing" if the lid is closed and it has AC power.

  • I've had this problem with v12 and 13 for over a year now.  I finally went to "extras\options\advanced\show advanced options" and scrolled to the page bottom where I found and checked the box "disable harware acceleration".

    This completely solve my problem. I used to have to open  a second instance of TV for the WIN7 screen to properly show on the XP machine. Now one log on to WIN7 machine and the WIN7 video is displayed perfectly on my XP machine.