Remote Control of 'Redmi 9T' on PC stuck on 'Connecting to My Redmi 9T ...'

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I have Redmi 9T, running on Android 10 QKQ1.200830.002, MIUI Global Stable.

Here I have installed:

TeamViewer Host v15.25.44

TeamViewer Quick Support v15.21.113

TeamViewer Remote Control v15.25.41

TeamViewer Universal Add-On v15.8.5

On other side PC, running Windows 10 Pro on i5-3470, 16GB RAM, 1920x1080 VGA with:

TeamViewer Insider v15.26.2 Free

When I connect to phone from PC, I've got Dashboard with 'Dashboard', 'Apps' and 'Settings' tabs correctly. But if I try to 'Remote Control', both from 'Dashboard' and dedicated 'Remote control' tabs, I've got 'like tablet' window saying 'Connecting to My Redmi 9T ...'.

On phone side there are 'TeamViewer Host' instances running on background:

1st instance is saying: Application is ready for connection

2nd instance: Connected to HOST

Does anyone get thru this ? Any hint ?