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Can connect and navigate but cannot manipulate any functions remotely

Nectar Posts: 1
edited January 19 in General Questions

Have 30 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro computers to support. Recently, (about mid December), when we started launching sessions at remote workers homes who utilize Xfinity Broadband services, are sessions would allow connection but not allow any remote functionality. Support said to rollback the Remote Host software (v15.25.5) to the previous version but that had zero impact. All machines run MaxOS Monterey 12.1. Century Link users are unaffected as well as Spectrum in Central and South Texas. At the single Comcast Business site we have, if any of the known problem machines go to that site the problem isn't occurring. User sites have a wide variety of cable modem makes and models but all are the Xfinity provided units and the latest that can be had in each area of the US.