installing teamviewer host remotely


i found various documentation stating you are able to install teamviewer host remotely from a quick support session. the instructions are on this website:

it basically says once you are connected you can click on files and extras and on the right there is a button that says "install" and that enables you to do the remote install.

i am missing this button, is there a special way to enable this button to appear? or did the feature get pulled?



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    Hi @islanddoug,

    Thank you for contacting us✨😊

    To begin with, could you confirm the remote device has admin rights, please?

    When the remote device is running as an admin and the issue remains, please kindly tell us the below information. So that we may assist you further.

    • Which and what operating system and TeamViewer version are you currently using on both local and remote devices?

    Look forward to hearing from you🍀

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