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Restart permanently puts remote computer offline

Hi all, I hope you can help me. I use Teamviewer personally to remote into my Mom's Windows 11 computer to do her maintenance, updates etc. For years, prior to Windows 11 even, she did not have Windows configured with a password. But now, there is someone else in her house, so I added a password to her Windows installation. The other thing unique to her system, I have a scheduled task to do a shutdown -r to restart the computer every morning at 6 AM, as from time to time she would do things with the computer that caused it to get locked up or hung, putting it in an offline state. I have had that working for years as well.

Once I added the password though, I found TV always showed as offline. I did some research when I was at her house yesterday, and I found the setting in TV that permitted remote Windows logins, that was not set. I set it, and then in some tests I found I could connect remotely from my iPad, restart the computer remotely, and it still showed online - I could then log in with the Windows password. Problem solved, or so I thought!

This morning, the computer is offline. So I am thinking something is different when doing a scheduled task shutdown -r. Is there some other TV or Windows setting I need, to be able to get the computer to be online after a restart? Thanks!