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Session disconnects immediately after connecting

I have a remote access license and have updated teamviewer on both ends. This just started happening last week. Gets through initializing display parameters step then says session closed after 5 seconds.


  • Akiho
    Akiho Posts: 798 Moderator
    edited February 2022

    Hello @Tharrison,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community✨😊

    Since you have a remote access license, please check the details below.

    • Kindly ask you to confirm you have signed in with your licensed TeamViewer account on the local device, please.
    • Have you added the remote device to your licensed TeamViewer account? Please feel free to check more information from our knowledge article - Activate your Remote Access license
    • Could you try restarting the TeamViewer application on both local and remote devices, please? Please navigate to the hamburger menu (≡) -> Exit TeamViewer on Windows and restart the TeamViewer application.

    If the issue remains, please reply to this message with a screenshot of the error message.

    Also, could you tell us which and what TeamViewer version and operating system are you currently using on both local and remote devices, please? 

    Hope you find this helpful🍀

    Look forwards to hearing from you in the Community!

    Best regards,


    Japanese Community Moderator / コミュニティモデレーター