Anybody solve the no gui problem on linux

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I am running updated FC34 system. I have uninstalled / reinstalled several times as a possible solution. What I get is the following:



CheckCPU: SSE2 support: yes

Checking setup...

chmod: changing permissions of '/opt/teamviewer/config': Operation not permitted

chmod: changing permissions of '/opt/teamviewer/logfiles': Operation not permitted

Launching TeamViewer ...

Starting network process (no daemon)

Network process started (162965)

Launching TeamViewer GUI ...


Terminal returns to a command prompt and no gui is displayed

top shows teamviewer appears to be running:


20 0  936652 13028 11400 S 0.0  0.4  0:01.11  /opt/teamviewer/tv_bin/teamviewerd -n -f

tv-setup /checklibs returns:

All library dependencies (*.so) seem to be satisfied!

   QtQuickControls seems to be installed

Any thoughts?



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    Nobody has run into this and resolved it?

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    I guess not 😫

    Good thing I have access to more than one operating system.

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    Note: a launch for Team Viewer is not in the application menu.

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    If it helps;

    I am having the same issue with ubuntu / lxde 18.04 , teamviewer up to date 15.28.8 (DEB), where the gui will not open AND i can check the deamon is running, and cannot connect remotely. It used to work and I do not know when it stopped working.

    I have a separate a seaprate desktop with standard (default) interface (I cannot keep track of al the name changes) ubuntu 20.04, teamviewer up to date 15.28.8 (DEB). I can connect remotely to that machine, and can open the gui locally (on that machine) as well.