Clipboard synchronization - annoyance and security/privacy issue

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Currently clipboard sync works between the client and the host but also between any other connected client. That leads to a very annoying situation when multiple clients are connected to the same machine X:

machine A (client) <--connected--> machine X <--connected--> machine B (client)

User on machine A copies something to clipboard. User on machine B is at the same also connected to machine X but currently busy with a task on its own machine. The clipboard content of A is immediately in clipboard of machine X and also in clipboard of machine B(!). If user B was working with copy/paste at the same time, its clipboard just got overwritten. It is basically unusable.

It is also a security/privacy related issue as a user could work with copy/paste and have passwords or private content in its clipboard exposed to all machines.

There is a perfect legit and useful use of clipboard sync between 1 client and 1 host. So switching it completely off is not suggested. There may even be scenarios where the clipboard should be synced across all connected clients.


  1. change default behavior of clipboard sync to: only sync from remote machine clipboard to clients clipboard if client has focus on TeamViewer window of this session
  2. Have an additional checkbox in Options/Advanced/Advanced settings for connections to other computers that, if ticked: enables clipboard sync to the client clipboard, even if window has no focus
  3. Have a warning to clients that local clipboard content is accessible not only from the machine where one is connected but also from other connected clients.



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