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Need help validating Email address

Hi Community,

at this stage I am using a free Teamviewer account and cannot validate my email address. I have tried resending the validation email several times but my inbox (i did check spam and junk folders, too) remains empty. 

I do recieve Teamviewer-emails to authenticate devices I log in on - so the email supplied must be correct, but the validation mail itself never seems to make it to my inbox.

It is a email.

I tried calling Teamviewer support, they pointed me here. Please help.

With kind Regards



  • glyxx
    glyxx Posts: 2


    I have been pm'd by a friendly and helpful mod (thanks reyhan) who manually validated my email address. Thanks for the quick action!

  • SKChua
    SKChua Posts: 2

    Same issue for me! Tried selecting "Resend activation E-mail" for a few times and changing email address but no validation email is received till now. 

    Kindly assist to whitelist my email in your SMTP server. Tks in advance! 


    Account activation required

    Your account using the E-Mail address "[email protected]" is not activated yet.
    Please choose how you want to continue.

    • Resend activation E-Mail
    • Ignore and continue this time
    • Change E-Mail address
    • The activation link will be resent to "[email protected]".
    • Please make sure the E-Mail address is correct and E-Mails from are not classified as spam.