Teamviewer on LAN connection

  1. does TeamViewer connection create internet data usage even when both of my devices on the same LAN network(under the same router)?
  2. if the first point yes. While I use TeamViewer by LAN IP address, it always ask me the password. Is there any setup I can connect one of my device for one-click but not create internet data usage?


  • Tomcat2
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    Can anyone answer this question please? I have the same one. I use both PCs in the same LAN subnet (basically connecting to my laptop from desktop PC) but it looks like the data are going to the Internet and back which is not necessary and it brings worse picture quality and delay. I would like to know if Teamviewer can detect that both devices are on the same LAN subnet and fall back to the LAN connection automatically.



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    Never mind, I just made some tests in the Wireshark and it basically behaves in the way that initial TCP connection is made via Internet to the closest TV server from both clients. Than it checks what is the most direct path between those two clients:

    1) If they are not in the same LAN, it creates a direct UDP connection between those two clients and switches to this connection so the data are transmitted directly between those two clients via Internet.

    2) If they are in the same LAN, the initiating client sends UDP ping to all IP addresses of the remote client, including IPv6 local addresses. The same from the other side and if there is a match, direct UDP connection is created using this local IP address but IPv6 address is preferred. So the LAN connection is always established if possible, which is good.