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Remote Control + meeting at the same time


I had a need, Teamviewer told me to subscribe the Premium version + 2 channels.

My needs are: "I have a PC at home, and I need to run a meeting from that PC when I am not at home; so, I keep the PC on, and when I need to run a meeting, I use Teamviewer Remote Controle using password to access to my PC home from my Laptop, or Smartphone, and I start the Meeting. Then, I stop the Remote Control; the Meeting goes on. Sometimes I need to access from my Laptop to the PC home, while the Meeting is on, to check if everything is ok, changing settings... bla bla... Around 10PM, I need to access to my PC home to stop the meeting. The day after, I need to do always the same... this process allows me to offer a service to my clients (the meeting) even when I am not at home. In this way I can really work from everywhere. I cannot do it from my laptop when I am not at home because the meeting must be on for 7 hours per day from the PC home."

So, I bought the Premium License + 2 channels, I activated the license, but I still cannot do what I need; I use my laptop to control my PC home, and I try to start the meeting in the PC home (controlling it from my laptop), and it says I cannot do it because there is a remote cotrol active on that PC. That's exactly what I need to do.

Can you help me please?

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