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Raspberry Pi 64 - Teamviewer crashes when connecting to Pi

danielzink Posts: 2 Newbie
edited March 12 in Linux only

Hey all,

Was running Raspberry Pi 32 with no issues.

Teamviewer was running fine.

Upgraded to 64 bit and enabled SSH and VNC upon first boot.

Updated and upgraded Raspberry.

Installed Teamviewer again.

Upon connecting from any remote computer to the Raspberry - Teamviewer crashes and dies.

Tried "un"-enabling VNC

No dice. TV still crashes.

Any ideas ?

PS - this my first R Pi - I'm a week into it - so be gentle :)

Thanks !


  • danielzink
    danielzink Posts: 2 Newbie


    Switched back to Raspberry 32 bit and all is good.

  • 34150
    34150 Posts: 4


    I am running rpi4 8gb arm64. UBUNTU MATE 20.04. I had trouble installing Teamviewer recently. When I finally was able to via Teamviewer advice I got a free version but it only permits my pi to be accessed only from an external pc. I have installed teamviewer on other pcs (amd64) and the free version allows access to another pc AND be accessed by another pc. No login problems etc. Quick and easy to use. Currently typing this via my pi4. Unfortunately, I can't help you as I am a newbie to teamviewer. ( dumped Google Chrome remote desktop). Are you using the RaspberryPI OS ? I have both 32 and 64bit OS's and have found 64 works very well except it seems Teamviewer for arm64 is not as well supported( if im wrong on the last bit any info to put me in the right direction would be appreciated) as say amd64.